Retirement Visa for Thailand

You can live in Thailand if you are older than 50 and are able to apply for a retirement visa in Thailand. This visa is also known as the Thai "O-A" visa in Thailand. Note that you need to be at least 50 years old, meet the financial requirements and also the medical requirements for this visa. We have listed the process below but that visa rules do change so check with an immigration attorney first.

Retirement Visa for ThailandWhen you apply for the retirement visa at the Thai embassy in your home country this visa is valid for 90 days once you enter Thailand. There are not many requirements for when you apply for this visa at the embassy. The following documents are needed when you extend this visa in Thailand for 1 year. Most provide the documents to an immigration lawyer in Thailand as the process can become complicated if you have a DUI or the documentation is incorrect. Check with a lawyer first to ensure that everything works and that you do not need to leave the country again to restart the process. The following is needed for your extension:

  • - Copy of your passport;
  • - Copy of your Thai bank account showing 800,000THB in it;or
  • - Copy of your Thai bank account showing an income of 65,000THB per month;
  • - Copy of a criminal clearance from your home country;
  • - Copy of a medical certificate.

Note that if you have a DUI it is best to allow an attorney to deal with this matter. Provide the immigration lawyer all the documentation as above and there is also a medical test for retirement in Thailand. This is to show that you do not have a transmissible disease such as late stage syphilis or HIV/AIDS. Also note that you can show a combination of income and deposit in a Thai bank account. Allow you attorney to work this out for you.

If you need more information then call us toll-free from the US or the UK and allow us to assist you with your retirement visa and customs clearance for when you goods from home come to Thailand. You have 6 months to bring your goods into Thailand once the visa has been granted. Walk into any of our offices in Thailand or speak to us online for more information and assistance.

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2 comments on “Retirement Visa for Thailand”

  1. If I have retirement visa how can I change my address? Do I have to go to the immigration office or can it be done any other way?
    Also do I still have to go out every ninety days, as one of the immigration officers told me that as I have a visa and multiple entry visa with the retirement visa I did not need to.

    1. Each time that you need to update or change information in your records, you will need to visit a local immigration office near your current residence during the 90-day reporting schedule.

      The requirement to leave the Kingdom every 90 days depends on where you obtained your visa. If you obtained the 1-year visa based on retirement at a Thai embassy or consulate outside Thailand, you are required to exit the country every 90 days. However, if you applied for a 1-year extension of your visa based on retirement at an immigration office in Thailand, you are not required to exit the country​ but instead report to immigration every 90 days.

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