Marriage Visa for Thailand

If you have a Thai wife and have registered your marriage in Thailand then you can apply for a marriage visa very easily. If you are overseas you will use your marriage certificate from your home country. Most tend to use their Thai marriage certificate when they apply for a marriage visa. This Thai "O" Visa also called the marriage visa can also be used to apply to stay in Thailand to look after your Thai child. The process would not be the same but the visa will be.

Marriage Visa for Thailand

If you are not married to a Thai or you are divorced but have a Thai child in Thailand you can also apply for the Thai "O" Visa. These are the documents needed for the 90 day marriage visa also known as the 3 month Thai "O" visa:

  • - Copy of your passport;
  • - Copy of your Thai wife's ID card
  • - Copy of your marriage certificate
  • - Copy of the Thai-wife's house-papers (Tabian Baan)


These are the documents needed if you are married to a Thai. If you are applying for your Thai child then you need the following documents for the Thai "O" visa. Speak to a lawyer about the visa process with children while in Thailand as documents will be needed if you are divorced or a widow;


  • - Copy of your passport
  • - Copy of your Thai child's Thai ID card;
  • - Copy of your child's Tabian Baan (if any)
  • - Copy of child's birth certificate to show you are the father


Once you enter Thailand you have 90 days to extend this visa to a 1 year visa. Much like the documents above you will need to show the above again to Thai immigration and also the following which would be the basic documents. Children are another issue and it is best to speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about children and how best to extend this visa in Thailand while looking after your Thai child:


  • - Copy of Thai bank account showing 400,000 THB or
  • - Copy of Thai bank account showing 40,000THB in income every month;
  • - Copy of you a map to your location in Thailand;
  • - Copy of family photos;
  • - Copy of your child's school reports in Thailand.


If you are not certain as to the documents as they do change from time to time then speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about the visa and how best to obtain and to extend this visa while in Thailand.


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4 comments on “Marriage Visa for Thailand”

  1. I'm an American trying to obtain a marriage visa. I have been married for a year, and have all the paperwork and did a visa run to Laos and got an O visa. Today I was told by Amnat Choreon immigration office that a 90-day O visa can only be changed to 1 year marriage visa within 30 days of expiring. Can anyone confirm this or is it rogue?

    1. Yes, that is correct. It is standard that converting a 90-day Non Immigrant O visa can only be converted during the last 30 days before expiration.

  2. Hi,

    I am a Chinese. I hold a tourist visa to come to Bangkok. My husband is from the USA. He is working in a Thai company with work permit. We married in Bangkok on 15 November 2016. So I applied a O visa on 25 November 2016 in Thai immigration office. The staff told me to come back get my O visa on 13 December, but I have something urgent to do in China. I need to go back to China as soon as possible. I want to ask if I can cancel my O visa? Is there any bad record for me to come to Thailand again?


    1. It is alright. You may return to China and apply for the non immigrant O visa at the Thai embassy there.

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