90 Day Reporting

90 Day ReportingOnce you have obtain a 1 year visa (not a multiple entry visa) be it a marriage visa or retirement visa, then you need to report your address to Thai immigration every 90 days. You can do this in person or you can mail them your new address with a copy of your passport. Need to report your address irrespective if you have not moved and your address is the same as the last time you reported your address. You may not be arrested if you did not report however it can become very difficult getting a renewal of your visa as they will check if you reported every 90 days. Its an easy and simply process so it should never be an issue.

Re-entry permits are another issue. If you have an extended 1 year visa not a multiple entry visa) you have to apply for a re-entry permit if you wish to leave Thailand and return to continue the remained of your 1 year visa. Note that should you leave Thailand without a re-entry permit in your passport. Leaving Thailand will invalidate your visa and when you return, they will only allow you to stay for 30 days arriving through an international airport, or 15 days if you arrive via a land border. You would have to start the process again.

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2 comments on “90 Day Reporting”

  1. My requirement to fulfill my 90 day reporting is within the next week. I usually go to my local immigration office to file my report. However, I have just returned from the US 10 days ago. Does this re-entry satisfy my 90 day reporting?

    1. Yes, leaving Thailand is already considered as your report to immigration. Your next 90-day report will be due 90 days from the time you re-enter Thailand.

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