Getting Married in Thailand

If you are planning on getting married in Thailand then you need to understand the process to register you marriage in the Kingdom of Thailand. Your first step is to bring with your from your home country any documents that might be needed. This would be a final divorce degree if you are divorced or a death certificate of your wife/husband if your spouse had died back in your home country.

Getting Married in Thailand

Once you have this documents in hand you need to approach your embassy in Bangkok where you need to complete an affirmation form. This form with certified copies of your divorce degree or the death certificate needs to be attached to this form. It normally takes 2 days to have this form returned. The embassy will then give you a letter to certify that you may get married in Thailand. This letter of affirmation letter now needs to be taken to Thai Foreign Affairs out in Laksi close to Thai Immigration in Bangkok. Here they will certify that the letter from the embassy is not fake. They will place a small stamp onto the back of the letter which you then have to take to the amphur's office (District Office) in Bangkok. This process will take a day to complete as it is normally very full.

Once you have your stamped letter of affirmation you take this down to the District Office or amphurs office where they will then register your marriage for you. This registration process takes about an hour to complete and they will give you 2 marriage certificates. The first is a fancy marriage certificate which looks like a diploma and the second is a signed and stamped form which lists the full details or you and your Thai wife.

If you are not in Bangkok you can simply drop all your documents off at any of the offices of Law Firm and the forms and your power of attorney to complete the process for you will be forwarded to the Bangkok office for attention. Many expats and visitors to Thailand do not wish to make a trip to Bangkok and spend 3-4 days running around Bangkok to get the process done. Most simple use the services of an attorney. Once this is done you can also apply for a marriage visa at any embassy in Asia and extend this to a 1 year visa in Thailand to stay with your Thai wife.

Speak to us online or walk into any of our offices in Thailand for more assistance. Call our toll-free number if you are in the US or in the UK or speak to us online on our chat messenger. See our main website for more details.

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4 comments on “Getting Married in Thailand”

  1. I am going to marry my Thai girlfriend on the 20/09/16 which visa do I need to do this? I am a British national and hold a British passport.

    1. You do not need any special visa to get married in Thailand. A 30—day visa exemption will suffice and you are able to complete the marriage registration within that time period. To know more about the legal marriage registration, please call Siam Legal at +66 2259 8100 or email them at [email protected].

  2. Hi, I am looking to get married in Thailand. What are the steps and what is the right agent to use?


    1. For foreigners who wish to register their marriage, you will need the following:

      • A copy of their passport along with arrival card
      • Affidavit regarding the marital status of the person from the respective embassy.​

      ​In obtaining your affidavit, you will need to check with your respective embassies in Thailand what documents they require from you​.

      Once you have obtained your respective affidavits, you will need to have these translated to Thai and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. After which, you can proceed to one of the district offices in Thailand to register your marriage.

      You then will receive your marriage certificate and marriage registration documents. To be able to use this in your home country, you need to have these translated from Thai to English, legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then legalized by your respective embassies in Thailand.

      Should you need further information regarding the marriage registration procedure, you may send an email to Siam Legal at [email protected] for further assistance.

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