Thai Immigration Details

We have listed the contact details for Thai Immigration offices in Thailand. If you need more information that we cannot answer online then speak to Thai immigration about applying for a tourist visa if you are a tourist or how to extend your tourist visa in Thailand. you can also ask about retirement in Thailand the requirements for the retirement visa. Also if you are a businessman then you can ask about the work permit and also the business visa application. The other visa which is common amongst expats in Thailand is the marriage visa once you have married a Thai national for have a Thai child in Thailand.

If you need more information then use the chat messenger on the right side of this website or see our main website for more details. You can also walk into any of our offices in Thailand to speak to an immigration expert on your visa options in Thailand.

 Location Phone    Fax
 Bangkok Head office   0-2287-3101-10   0-2287-1310, 0-2287-1516
 Suan Pluh, Div. 1   0-2281-5144   0-2287-1987
 Suan Pluh, Div. 2   0-2929-8706, 0-2535-425x   0-2535-6844
 Suan Pluh, Div. 3   0-2287-3903, 0-2287-3130   0-2287-3903, 0-2287-3130
 Don Muang Airport   0-2535-1111 ext. Immigration
 Bangkok Harbour   0-2249-0806-7   0-2249-0807
 Pattaya   0-3842-9409, 0-3841-0240   0-3841-0240
 Samut Sakhorn   0-3482-0739   0-3482-0952
 Samut Prakan   0-2395-0029   0-2389-2351
 Sri Chang   0-3821-6215   0-3821-6215
 Sangkraburi   0-3459-5335   0-3459-5335
 Singkorn   0-3261-9038
 Khlong Yai   0-3958-8108   0-3958-8108
 Pong Nam Ron   0-3938-7127   0-3938-7127
 Bunkan   0-4249-1832, 0-4249-2016   0-4249-1832
 Chiang Khan   0-4282-1175   0-4282-1175
 Kap Chung   0-4455-9166   0-4455-9166
 Nahorn Phanom   0-4251-1235   0-4251-1235
 Chiang Khong   0-5379-1332, 0-5379-1633   0-5379-1332
 Chiang Saen   0-5377-7118, 0-5377-7303   0-5377-7118
 Mae Hong Son   0-5361-2106   0-5361-2106
 Hat Yai   0-7424-3019   0-7424-3019
 Hat Yai Airport   0-7425-1096, 0-7422-7216   0-7425-1096
 Krabi   0-7561-1097   0-7561-1097
 Tak Bai   0-7358-1239   0-7358-1239
 Betong   0-7323-1292, 0-7323-0026   0-7323-1292
 Pattani Harbour   0-7334-9302, 0-7334-9480   0-7334-9302
 Nong Khai Head   0-4241-1605, 0-4242-0242   0-4241-1605
 Chiang Mai   0-5327-7510, 0-5328-2532   0-5327-7510
 Chiang Mai Airport   0-5327-7190, 0-5327-7180   0-5320-1685
 Mae Sai   0-5373-1008 ext. 11, 12   0-5373-1008-9
 Phuket   0-7621-2108-10   0-7621-2108
 Phuket Airport   0-7632-7138, 0-7635-1107   0-7630-7138
 Sadao   0-7430-1107, 0-7430-1401   0-7430-1107
 Sungaikolok   0-7361-1231   0-7361-1231
 Laem Ngop   0-3959-7261   0-3959-7261
 Kanchanaburi   0-3451-3325   0-3451-3325
 Phiboonmangsahan   0-4544-1108, 0-4544-1988   0-1648-8952
 Tak   0-5553-1316, 0-5553-4844   0-5556-3002
 Surathani   0-7727-3217   0-5556-3002
 Satun   0-7471-1080   0-7471-1080
 Siracha   0-3831-2571   0-3831-2571
 Maptaphut   0-3868-4544, 0-3868-3673   0-2377-6390, 0-1834-4565
 Aranyaprathet   0-3723-1131, 0-3723-2672   0-3723-1131
 Mukdahan   0-4261-1074   0-4261-1074
 Padang Besar   0-7452-1611, 0-7452-1020   0-7452-1020
 Samui   0-7742-1069   0-7742-1069
 Ranong   0-7782-1216   0-7782-1216
 Songkhla Harbour   0-7431-3480   0-7431-3480
 Nakhon Sri Thammarat   0-7532-4092   0-7532-4092
 Khuan Don   0-7472-2731   0-7472-2731
 Kong Chaim   0-4535-1084   0-4535-1084
 Khemmarat   0-4549-1211   0-4549-1211
 Mae Sariang   0-5368-1339   0-5368-1339
 Fang   0-5345-3131   0-5345-3131
 Nan   0-5479-5009   0-5479-5009
 Kan Tang   0-7525-1030   0-7525-1030
 Phangna   0-7641-2011   0-7641-2011

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46 comments on “Thai Immigration Details”

  1. I send you this email in order to have some enquiries about tourist VISA. I plan a travel to Thailand next January for 3 weeks. I plan as well to visit Bali for 5 days and then return to Bangkok to go back to Paris. As Moroccan citizen, living permanently in France and owner of the Resident Card, can I apply for a simple tourist visa with authorization of only "2 entrances"?

    1. The double entry tourist visa is no longer available at present. You may, however, apply for the single entry tourist visa from the Thai Embassy in France. Before leaving Thailand, you can apply for a re-entry permit to use the same visa upon return from Bali.

  2. Hi,
    When leaving Bangkok I got a barring order. After I sent a letter to Immigration to explain the situation. This letter was received on 17-09 in bangkok if I look for the status of the post track and trace.

    My Thai wife want to call to ask for information. She called the central number of 0-2141-9889 and after choosing an option the phone is ringing for a long time and cut off and never answered. I tried to fill out the contact and question option from the Immigration Website but when submitting I am getting an error message.

    Do you have a direct phone number or email address within the Immigration office division 1.

    Kind regards,

    1. According to the information posted on the website of the Immigration Bureau, you may contact them through the following.

      Tel:​ ​0 2141 9953
      Email:​ ​[email protected]

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for your help below. I need further advice.

    I am in Thailand (from UK) with a 30 day exemption stamp. The stamp expires on 11th November.

    On 29th November I injured my ankle I am currently in Bangkok hospital and could well be here for another week. I am concerned that I will be in hospital and my exception will expire or I will be discharged a day or two before it expires and I will have to rush to try to extend my stamp. I have been told I won't walk for a long time so will be on crutches and will have a backpack. So I would be more comfortable not having to rush to get anywhere.

    Please can you advise me what I should do to ensure I comply with the rules - but also taking into account my current situation.

    Kind regards,

    1. You may check with the hospital staff if they have an immigration desk that can assist with extending your entry stamp.

  4. Good morning!

    I went to the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh on Tuesday to ask if I was allowed to get an entry visa to visit Thailand next week. I was deported about 1 year ago (end of Nov, 2015) after serving a prison sentence for 19 months for a minor crime. They said that they didn't know and that the consulate was too busy to see me that day. They gave me an e-mail address ([email protected]) and asked me to send photos of my passport pages and my phone number here in Phnom Penh. My phone number is +855-81-791-XXX. I sent the photos of the requested pages of my passport and they responded to me twice later that afternoon. They informed me that "If you get deported, the authority you should contact whether you will be allowed to enter the kingdom again is the Thai Immigraiton." and that "We can only check whether you can be granted the visa and whether your name is on the Immigration's blacklist which we will get back to you on that." They got back to me later informing me that "We've checked our database and your name does not appear on the list. However, we would strongly advise you to check with the Thai Immigration as well." So, I am attempting to check my status with Thai Immigration. I don't see any way to upload the photos of my passport or the page which has the deportation stamp. If you need them could you please give me an e-mail address and I will send them to you directly. I will give you my passport number and hope that you can give me a confirmation by return e-mail. My Name is Mr. Paul David Adler. I am an American citizen. My passport number is 50570XXXX - USA passport - expiration date 18/March 20XX. Please let me know if I can go to Bangkok next week as I need to see my Doctor and Dentist there. I've been having some complications with my diabetes and hypertension and also am having trouble obtaining the same medications prescribed to me by my doctor from Praram 9 Hospital. I also need to have some serious dental work done and have a dentist at the same hospital. I would like to enter by land at the Koh Kong border crossing, if that is possible?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Mr. Paul David Adler

    1. You will need to get in touch directly with Thai Immigration to inquire about entering Thailand. Their main office is located in Bangkok however they do not provide an email address where you can send inquiries to. ​Should you wish to inquire directly with their office you may contact them through the following.

      Immigration Division 1
      Telephone: 0 2141 9889
      Fax: 0 2143 8228

  5. Hello,

    I am coming to Bangkok on 4 December with Turkmenistan airlines on 11:50 AM. On 14:40 PM, I will go to Hanoi with JetStar airlines. JetStar airlines say that I have to use my visa. I have only single entry visa. My question is, do I have to use my visa to transfer from Bangkok to Hanoi? I want to use my visa when I am back from Vietnam. If I have to use, (as you mentioned before on comment), do I have time to apply for re-entry permission?

    1. If Turkmenistan Airlines and JetStar will "codeshare" for your connecting flight from Bangkok to Hanoi, then you may not need to use the visa you currently hold. If not, then you will need to apply for a re-entry permit so that your visa will not be cancelled upon leaving Thailand.

      The application for a re-entry permit will depend on the number of applicants that are trying to obtain a re-entry permit thus we do not have the exact time frame for you to obtain such. It would be best to confirm with the airlines you have booked if they will codeshare on your flights.

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